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Department of Business Administration Introduction

Department of Business Administration Introduction


This department was established on August 1, 1987. Educational objectives are to support national economic and trade policies and implement technical and vocational education missions. And in accordance with the purpose of the school's school development plan and the school's operating philosophy, the department's training goal is to "cultivate business management talents with both technical and moral skills, innovation and pragmatism as the purpose, with special emphasis on marketing management talents for innovative products and service industries." . The specific approach is: I. Cultivation of business management talents with both skills and morals: As the west wind spreads to the east, in a diverse and open social environment, youth problems are becoming increasingly serious, and the cultivation of morality in schools is relatively more important. Therefore, this department especially strengthens the education of moral and ethical values ​​of students, so that after graduation, students become business management talents with both skills and morals. 2. Cultivate innovative and pragmatic enterprise management talents Located in the 21st century, facing an environment of industrial upgrading and fierce competition, the industrial structure has gradually shifted from manufacturing to service industries. In order to meet the needs of the society, the characteristics of this department are to cultivate business management talents for innovative product marketing and innovative service marketing.


.The curriculum planning of this department focuses on the practical experience and integration ability of management and development of multiple learning, taking into account management theory and practical application research, in order to meet the needs of industrial upgrading and economic development. Based on this, the course structure and map are clearly planned. From the beginning to graduation, students can see at a glance what courses they should study, what certificates they should take, and what abilities they should have. The department has enterprise case classrooms (that is, special classrooms), multimedia computer classrooms, professional classrooms for management resources research laboratories, and stepped classrooms. The classrooms are equipped with e-learning environments such as digital desks, MIC systems and single-gun projectors. In addition to attaching importance to the management of general academic abilities: production, sales, human, hair, finance, etc., it has also strengthened marketing and innovation skills, and has rich industrial and academic achievements and rare patents. Graduation Credits: General knowledge: 28 credits, compulsory for the college: 8 credits, compulsory for majors: 66 credits, 26 credits for elective majors (including college electives), and a minimum of 128 credits for graduationprovide


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